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Wild Blue

Full, round and warm with a pleasant ripe blueberry flavor/aroma that's rounded out by tart and zesty notes. Brewed with a blend of two- and six-row barley malt, classic Aroma hops from the Willamette Valley in the Pacific Northwest and German hops from the Hallertau region in Bavaria and all-natural blueberry syrup made from real blueberries.

Wild Blue is best paired with full-flavored dishes, such as pork rib roast with fig and pistachio stuffing or pork
tenderloin with apricot mustard. It also pairs with fruit salad with ginger syrup or a green salad with dried fruit.

Pour and serve Wild Blue in a tulip-shaped glass to fully enjoy the fresh blueberry aroma which is reminiscent of field fresh ripe blueberries and observe its beautiful color with a slight pink head of foam.