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24/12 4/6 LNNR
Product Code: 1480
Package: 6 Pack Bottle
Case UPC: 8 51538-00210 9
Case Cost: 35.85
1/6 Barrel
Product Code: 16038
Package: 1/6 Barrel
Case Cost: 62.50

The High End | 10 Barrel JOE IPA

This IPA was formerly known as SAM named after its hops; Simcoe, Amarillo & Mosaic but we were told this would be a trademark issue with a large craft brewery out of the Northeast so we had to change it. We cycled through a bunch of generic names; BOB, TOM, DICK, DAN, CARL, FRANK until we finally arrived on the perfect name for this IPA… JOE.

ABV: 6.9%  IBUs: 70