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24/12 4/6 LNNR
Product Code: 45046
Case UPC: 0 71439-34806 3
Case Cost: 18.70
24/12 2/12 LNNR
Product Code: 45212
Case UPC: 0 71439-45712 3
Case Cost: 17.25
24/12 2/12 Can
Product Code: 45246
Case UPC: 0 71439-34450 8
Case Cost: 17.25
24/16 4/6 Can
Product Code: 45043
Package: 6 Pack 16oz Can
Case UPC: 0 71439-40016 7
Case Cost: 21.85

Rolling Rock


A balanced and medium-light bodied lager with a unique and flavorful malt character that lends to its distinctive taste and subtle hop finish.

Finest pale barley malts with the perfect blend of hops, rice, corn and water. Serve Rolling Rock in a tall thin tumbler and pair it with citrus grilled chicken, ceviche with lime, pork tenderloin with mango chutney and pepper jack cheese.

There's quite a bit of mystique surrounding the "33" on the Rolling Rock bottle. Some say this might represent the number of words in the pledge of quality, the year Prohibition was repealed, the number of letters in the
ingredient list, or a mistake when the first bottle was printed. It remains a mystery.

15/25oz. Can
Product Code: 45025
Package: 25oz. Can
Case UPC: 0 71439-00601 7
Case Cost: 23.15
1/2 Barrel
Case Cost: 91.00