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24/12 4/6 Can
Product Code: 9918
Case Cost: 29.50
1/2 Barrel
Product Code: 9916
Case Cost: $144.00

Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug Schwarzbier

Ugly Pug is a schwarzbier, or black lager. But the real story is its name - Fritz Rahr saw his mother-in-law's pug, Oscar, lounging on a chair and he shouted, "What an ugly pug!" Everyone laughed. You're right, they were brewing a test batch that night.

Unlike most dark beers that are often described as "heavy" or "chewy", Rahr's Ugly Pug has a surprisingly light body. Reviewers have been vocal about how happy they are to have a dark beer that's easy to drink on even the hottest Texas summer days.

We've even heard people refer to Pug as "nirvana in a bottle" because it combines their three favorite flavors, coffee, hints of chocolate, and of course BEER!

ABV: 5.5%  Style: Shwarzbier