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24/12 6/4 NR
1/6 Barrel

New Braunfels Brewing Blondine



Blondine is our non-vintage wheat sour, this beer uses only two malts, white wheat and Pilsner to give the beer a crisp palate with a light body. Achieving a clean, low bitterness from the addition of Magnum hops early in the 90-minute boil. 

The star of this beer is the fermentation character from our wild yeast and bacteria that we spontaneously harvested here in Central Texas one fall back in 2012. Since then we've kept 3 'Mother Cultures" that we've pulled from and continued to feed with fresh wort every few months.

Our culture ferments dry, lightly acidic and it develops funkiness as it ages. Blondine is released after a 3 week fermentation and 3 week bottle-conditioning with live cultures. The Brett yeast character is mild at release and builds with time in the cellar. We would recommend 3-5 years of agjng for the most dynamic barnyard and funky character but as a tart wheat ale, Blondine shows a crisp drinkability early on as well.