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24/12 6/4 Can
Product Code: 4239
Package: 6/4 Can
Case UPC: 8 55417-00349 2
Case Cost: 47.95
1/4 Barrel
Product Code: 4241
Package: 1/4 Barrel
Case UPC: 8 55417-00335 5
Case Cost: 115.00

Karbach Hop Delusion

At over 100 IBUs this awesomely bitter brew is perfect for hop heads. Dry hopped with insane amounts of Simone and Mosaic hops, this 2 row pale malt Imperial IPA is the perfect companion for Thai Curry, Korean fried chicken or a good ol Bleu Cheese burger. Slip into a state of Hop Delusion.

ABV: 9.0%  IBUs: 100+  Style: Imperial IPA  Specialty Seasonal: May + August