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24/12 4/6 Can
Package: 4/6 Can
Case UPC: 8 56666-00528 2
Case Cost: 27.65
1/4 Barrel
Package: 1/4 Barrel
Case Cost: 85.00

Freetail San Antonio Pale Ale

When quenching your thirst means more than a dash of hops, San Antonio Pale Ale fills the bill with its big bouquet of fruit and floral aromas of El Dorado from the American Northwest and Huell Melon from Bavaria. Hoppy, but less bitter than its India Pale Ale progeny, San Antonio Pale Ale appeals to those in search of a sessionable brew that doesn’t wreck the palate, but leaves it longing for another. Savor this sipper on the Riverwalk, during Fiesta, at a back yard barbecue—but savor it with us in celebration of 300 years of puro San Anto tradition.

ABV: 5.8%  IBUs: 36  Style: Pale Ale