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24/12 4/6 Can
Package: 4/6 Can
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Case Cost: 27.65

Freetail Oktoberfiesta

In San Antonio we like to party from New Year’s Eve until Christmas Day--and the week in between. To celebrate the coming of Spring, we have Fiesta; to celebrate Fall, we’ve got OktoberFiesta.

OktoberFiesta is brewed for this “if-you-don’t-like-the-weather-wait- a-while” season. Summer swelters into September, tropical depressions disintegrate along I-10 or transform into creek-swelling thunderstorms with windshield-cracking hail, and store shelves are flooded with Halloween goodies.

It’s a working class brew with a strong malt backbone, and it’s also a garden party favorite with a noble hop finish--at home both at backyard barbecues, rowdy tailgates, and swanky soire?es.
Like the traditional Oktoberfests and Marzens of Germany, it is brewed with Pils, Munich and Vienna malts along with the subtly earthy, herbal notes of European hops; but that is where tradition ends as we ferment with a Belgian yeast strain that likes to party as much as San Antonio, producing a big, fruity profile that both accentuates and transcends the malt and hops. Let the OktoberFiesta begin!

ABV: 5.8%  IBUs: 27  Style: Marzen Lager  Seasonal: Fall