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24/12 4/6 Can
Product Code: 1234
Package: 4/6 Can
Case UPC: 8 56666-00508 4
Case Cost: 27.65

Freetail Cerveza

Straw-golden, with an effervescent pillow of foam—Cerveza’s appearance informs the eyes of what’s next: a light-bodied thirst-quencher with subtle notes of bready malts delicately balanced with floral hop aromas. This is not your granddad’s back porch sipper, but he wishes it was. A tribute to some of the pioneering Golden Ales of the 90’s craft beer boom, Cerveza will take you back to a simpler time, before 12 different styles of IPA and cake flavored Imperial Stouts ruled the day.

ABV: 4.9%  IBUs: 20  Style: Blonde Ale  Seasonal: Spring