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12/1 Liter Bottle
Product Code: 2500
Package: 1 Liter Bottle
Case Cost: 17.00
12/1.5 Liter Bottle
Product Code: 2501
Package: 1.5 Liter
Case Cost: 19.50
2/6pk 1 Liter Bottle
Product Code: 2502
Package: 6 Pack 1 Liter Bottle
Case Cost: 17.00
2/12pk 12oz Bottle
Product Code: 2503
Package: 12 Pack 12oz Bottle
Case Cost: 18.25

Essentia Water

Essentia is supercharged ionized alkaline water that is better at rehydrating. Our proprietary process allows us to take any water source from anywhere around the world and turn it into supercharged ionized alkaline water. Water is passed through micro filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure making Essentia 99.9% pure. Trace amounts of electrolytes for taste complement the body’s natural mix. Removal of bitter-tasting acidic ions creates a 9.5pH (or higher) ionized alkaline water.

24/700ml Bottle
Product Code: 2504
Package: 700 ml Sport Top Bottle
Case Cost: 28.00