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Cayman Jack Margarita


It's all about the taste
Cayman Jack is obsessed with natural ingredients. Sure, they're more expensive and a little harder to find but it's not about that. It's about delivering a product with unrivaled taste, a drink we at Cayman Jack would be proud to put our names on. It's about creating the most refreshing margarita in the world.

Margaritas live and die by their limes. While other margaritas choose to use lime flavorings and chemicals, Cayman Jack has a higher standard. Besides, we didn't even know how! When it came to taste, natural is better. We knew that we would need only the freshest organic limes, carefully hand-picked by local growers. We believe that pesticides are not only bad for the environment-eventually running off into rivers and oceans- but also compromise the fruits' flavor. We demanded only the purest, organic limes. They give the margarita an ultra-premium, authentic, refreshing taste like no other.

Cayman Jack also knows that the mark of a truly good margarita is its agave. Agave can vary greatly in quality but our choice wasn't difficult. Cayman uses only 100% Blue Agave nectar, the best quality. Once again, there will be no compromises on taste.

In keeping with the 'natural is better' mindset, we at Cayman Jack refuse to use High Fructose Corn Syrup in our margaritas You won't find a single drop in them. If you're going to go through the trouble to get organic limes, and 100% Blue Agave nectar, you don't ruin it with HFCS , we thought. Instead, Cayman Jack uses pure cane sugar for a refreshingly sweet and natural taste.

Satisfied with these ingredients, we blended them with our ultra pure malt base. Made from premium beer that has been purified and filtered over 10 times, it's a taste as pure and clean as vodka.

Most craft beers are around 5 to 6 percent alcohol. In order to give our margaritas an extra kick, Cayman Jack settled at 5.9% as the perfect balance of strength and refreshment.

Simply put, Cayman Jack believes you shouldn't need a degree in science to understand the ingredients in your margarita. Drawing on the best of nature for inspiration, we're proud of our final product: a refreshingly clean taste you're sure to enjoy.