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NBBC new brews 2020

We are excited to announce the first two releases of 2020 from The New Braunfels Brewing Company, HEAVENESCENT BLEND3 & SAISON de RONCIER BLEND4 . Here is great insight from Owner & Brewer Kelly Meyer. Cheers.
Welcome to my first releases of 2020.
This year my focus is on smaller batches of the best beer I can make with an eye towards 4-packs to give you a product that will move.
The first two releases are, in my opinion, 2 of the top 5 beers I produce each year. These batches showcase how far this brewery has come in improvement not only to the process but to the final flavors.
I'd happily chat with you about how I make them, why I make them and why I'm willing to put them next to your favorite mixed culture beers and heartily debate the merits of each.
Heavenescent is our annual cuvee of mixed culture sour wheat beer, Blondine, that has been aging in various barrels. Each year I taste through our barrels of Blondine and decide on a blend. Batch to batch there will be a unique character but I always look for a bone-dry mouthfeel with distinct acidity and a long, lingering finish. 
For 2019 I selected the following barrels:
Barrel 10-This was one of those workhorse barrels that brought little by way of complexity but with 13 months in barrel offered a nice base layer for some of the brighter colored barrels. 
Barrel 47-This barrel has a smooth, lemony tartness that was clean and crisp
Barrel 49-This one gave deep, caramel, honey and wine aromas with a beautiful finish. 
Barrel 53-One of the younger barrels, this one gave a nice round mouthfeel with oak and substance
Barrel 58-this barrel was bracingly acidic but had a nice nose and bright flavor so I used 5 gallons for complexity in the blend
Barrel 60-Previously holding rose wine this barrel had a great balance of spice and floral notes on the nose with a delicate mid palate and a lingering finish that I love. 
Barrel 69-Surprisingly dry and tart for a 2-month old barrel, it will give time and structure in the cellar. 
Barrel 71-this one had distinct funk on the nose, showcased its 13-month age and tartness really well and would have made a fantastic beer by itself
The final blend has structure, complexity and depth. It drinks fantastically now young but will age gracefully for another 3-5 years and I think it will truly sing in 2 years.
You may have noticed that 4-packs of 12oz bottles have become a thing around here. Even with beers with this much complexity the 12oz format has been putting smiles on the faces of our fans so I'm sticking with it.
Each year I blend our barrels of Blondine together to create the cuvee called Heavenescent (yeah, the one above).
That unique and complex blended sour beer is then used to referment with more raspberries than blackberries to create Saison de Roncier.
As with all Saison de beers, I fermented the fruit in two batches, or presses.
The first press gives up primarily big fruit juice flavors and a jammy mouthfeel. After a week I pulled that press.
The second press was given another week to contact the fruit and gives up primarily fruit aroma with a funky, tannic flavor and a darker color. Interestingly the color is darker on the second press because the blackberries take longer to break down the skins during maceration.
This press was blended with the first and given a week to combine and blend before packaging. Our highest-rated beer on, this is a release you will regret having missed. 
For 2020 I only produced 19 cases and 4 kegs. While a much smaller release than previous years, the fruit flavors are more dynamic and the aroma bolder and intoxicating.

Introducing: Karbach Southern Wheat


Karbach Southern Wheat

You know that feeling when the sun is just beating down on you and all of a sudden huge, fluffy clouds drifts You know that feeling when the sun is just beating down on you and all of a sudden huge, fluffy clouds drifts over? Don’t it just make you wanna say AHHH? Southern Wheat is that cloudy refresher that will cool you off on the hottest of days. Pillowy mouthfeel, smooth citrus and a 100% chance of deliciousness. Karbach Southern Wheat is a year-round mainstay that will be available in 6 pack cans, 19.2oz singles and  on draught. Benefitting the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundations